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After this, differential diagnosis is made. It is needed to screen out diagnoses such as lung abscess or peripheral cancer on an organ, limited pneumothorax, pleurisy with the presence of capsules in the lung tissue, bullous emphysema, echinococcosis. ByIn this case, the patient is sent for laboratory tests or an endoscopic examination of the patient is performed.

If the disease is detected in a person who comes for examination for the first time, then a large number of isotretinoin pills are present in the analysis of his sputum. If there is no sputum, bronchoscopy is performed. It allows you to identify the inflammatory process that begins in the bronchi. In this case, endobronchitis develops, which prevents the spontaneous closure of cavities that appear during the disease. If the patient is diagnosed with this lesion, the treatment process is delayed, because it is necessary to use other measures to eliminate cavernous capsules.
Most often, the result of the described tuberculin tests is weakly positive. Treatment measures and prognosis of the described disease. After the diagnosis is made, the patient is admitted to the hospital, because most often he secretes mycobacteria when he coughs, and this can lead to the spread of tuberculosis. The patient is admitted to an anti-tuberculosis dispensary.

If the disease is detected in a person for the first time, doctors prescribe drug treatment. The patient is prescribed drugs such as Streptomycin, Isoniazid, Rifampicin, Ethambutol. Most often, 3 or 4 medications are prescribed at once. To ensure the concentration of therapeutic chemotherapeutic agents required for treatment, they are injected directly into the cavities that appear. Intravenous infusion or injection of medicinal components into the bronchi is used.
The doctor, depending on the patient�s condition, may recommend additional therapy with other drugs. If high resistance of isotretinoin to the medications used is detected, then drugs of the fluoroquinolone group and Kanamycin are most often added. The patient must use special breathing exercises for treatment (the doctor will tell you about it during the consultation). Physiotherapy methods are used, for example, ultrasound treatment, inductothermy. Laser therapy can be used for therapeutic purposes.

In most cases, the described lung disease responds well to buy accutane online. In a favorable situation, a course of therapy is required for 4-6 months. During this time, sputum disappears, coughing stops, all cavities formed in the lung tissue decrease in size or completely close. If treatment does not produce the desired results within the specified time frame, doctors may prescribe surgery. A lung resection is performed or an artificial pneumothorax is applied. In any case, after drug or surgical treatment, the patient subsequently undergoes sanatorium and outpatient therapy. Then he is put under clinical observation.

Most often, after 12-14 months, all the small cavities in the lung tissue close and then scar. If they have rigid walls, then all remaining formations are subsequently filled with caseous masses. The development of pseudotuberculoma begins. You need to know that complications, such as progression of tuberculosis, signs of aspergillosis or other lesions, are rare. Cavernous tuberculosis is an intermediate stage between the clinical forms of the disease.

Cavernous tuberculosis is a form of tuberculosis in which a destructive change occurs in the tissues of the lungs with the formation of pathological cavities (cavities). The disease is characterized by the absence of perifocal inflammation, foci of bronchogenic dropout and fibrous changes. It is an intermediate stage between various clinical forms, and can also be the beginning of fibrocavernous tuberculosis. The development of the disease can occur as a result of the progression of any form of tuberculosis.

Anatomy and mechanism of cavity formation. The main triggering pathological mechanism for the development of cavernous processes is the formation of caseosis, which occurs at the site of the tuberculosis focus. Caseous masses, which are a type of necrotic tissue, at the first stage have a dry residue.